A 1920'S Inspired Vintage Wedding

‘We are planning a 1920’s Peaky Blinders themed vintage wedding, do you want to photograph it?’ How about a big fat YASS!!! From the moment we heard all about the plans for the Vintage wedding of Lois and Danny we knew that it was going to be an amazing day!

From peacock feathers to an Art Deco wedding reception (wait until you see the cake!), all the guests dressed in outfits from the 1920’s plus just the loveliest couple ever, we are so excited to share this amazing London wedding with you!

 We met the groom Danny at The Asylum in Peckham. Now, if you are looking for the most original wedding venue ever, you need to check out this Grade 11 listed Chapel in the heart of South London. Kerrie grew up in Peckham and was dying to shoot at this quirky wedding venue and it didn’t disappoint!

The groom Danny is best friends with our previous JK groom Simon whose wedding was featured in Your London wedding last year. Simon was best man and his lovely wife Sarah was a guest along with their new arrival, baby Matthew who was born on James’ birthday! It’s always so nice to see one of our previous couples :-)

The groom Danny looked amazing in his Peaky Blinders outfit, we used the backdrop of the ceremony space to create some cool shots of him and his groomsmen. All the guests started to arrive, they looked fantastic in their outfits from 1920’s, from Charleston dresses to black & white suits, everyone really made the effort.

The Bride Lois arrived with her two bridesmaids, oh she looked like a movie star in her contemporary beaded gown and that bouquet!!! Full of white roses, lots of greenery and peacock feathers! She made her way into the ceremony room, the light coming from the windows made for some amazing photos and it was so easy to move around the venue to capture these two from different angles. We loved the way Lois would look into Danny’s eyes every now and then and scrunched up her nose to make just the cutest smile ever :-)

 We all headed outside for the confetti shot, we think this may be our favourite confetti exit of all time! You can see the happiness beaming from these two newlyweds! Everyone enjoyed drinks and canapés on the lawn outside the Asylum before a White London route master bus arrived to escort them all to the Bromley court hotel for the reception.

The reception room looked absolutely stunning, Lois and Danny carried on the 1920’s look with feathers and pearls as their centrepieces to table names oh and their green and white art deco wedding cake looked amazing! One of the bride’s parents are bee keepers so they had jars of honey as their wedding favours, we were even given a jar which we can confirm taste delicious! Everyone enjoyed the wedding breakfast and the speeches were made, it was funny watching our previous groom give his best man speech!

The couple enjoyed a fun game of ‘He said, She said’ before they took to the dance floor to have their first dance as husband and wife.  

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Attle, your wedding will certainly be one to remember! Thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful day!

Venue: The Asylum-Peckham, London

Bridal gown: Wed2B - Myla

Hair: Metalheads, Bromley

Flowers: Beckenham Flower Studio

Grooms suit: TruClothing - Cavani Kempson

Bridesmaids dresses: Ghost – Hollywood Sylvia, Navy

Cake: Yummy Cake Company

Reception: The Bromley Court Hotel

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