Wedding day candles

Have you thought about using candles to create a beautiful mood on your wedding day? From burning a calming scent in the morning whilst you are getting ready, to creating an uplifting scent for your reception, not to mention how pretty they will look!

We came across the very talented @Bylauralondon on instagram and immediately fell in love with her candles! We had to meet her and ask her more about them, how they are made, the different scents, and how our brides can incorporate them into their own wedding day. And of course to photograph those pretty candles!


When did you start By Laura London? 

I started By Laura officially in September 2015 following a few years where I was making candles as more of a hobby and for presents for friends. It felt like it was about time to really get stuck in and do it properly and I’m so glad I did. 

What inspired you to start making candles? 

A mild obsession with buying scented candles was what made me start making them. I’ve always liked learning new things and making things myself so my husband suggested that rather than spend all this money on candles, I should try and make them myself. So I did, I wasn’t very good at first, but over time learn lots of tricks and how to perfect what I was doing and now here I am.


Tell us the process involved in making your candles?

The first step in making a new candle is about the research into the scent. I try out different combinations and play about with what I think might work before I add it to a candle. While I’m melting the wax for a candle I prep the container that it’s going to sit in. This involves choosing the right wick for the container and attaching it securely. Then it’s about waiting for the wax to hit the right melt point, combining the scent with the wax and then pouring the candle into the prepped container. It’s all in the balance of temperatures and levels of ingredients and a slow and smooth pour. Once they’re poured then the candles set and rest for a couple of days before they’re ready to have labels added and get boxed up.

How would you recommend a bride incorporate candles into her wedding?

Scent is a wonderful yet often overlooked addition to a wedding. Smell is such a powerful sense and really does have the ability to evoke memories so the best way I think is to have scented candles burning during the event to set a mood and feel in the space. I work with engaged couples to create a bespoke scent for them. They’ll tell me the types of scent they like, the space and size of their venue and then we work together on a plan of how many candles will be required to fill the room with a level of scent to set such a mood. In complement to this I also offer scented candle wedding favours which their guests can take away and remember their day over and over again, each time they burn the candle. 

What’s your advice for brides-to-be on choosing the scent for their candles for their wedding day?

I tend to start with discussing a general idea of scents they do and don’t like which then informs me making some samples for them to try out and test for a few weeks and really see which is their favourite. If someone tells me that they like sweet and fruity scents for instance then I’ll always throw in a couple that are more subtle hints to these notes yet blended with something a bit more usual, and quite often this can be the one they choose. That bit’s really fun. 


Which scent has been most popular for weddings so far this year?

Jasmine has been a pretty popular scent recently. I think people really associate it with relaxing and enjoying themselves as quite often it’ll be used in holiday venues or hotels so without even being aware of it, it has that effect on people. 

Have you any new scents planned for your candles?

Always! For a while now I’ve been wanting to crack a good masculine scent. Something woody, spicy and maybe with a bit of leather added. It’s been on my to-do list for a while now so it will happen soon! 


Which areas do you cover and how long do you advise the couple to contact you to order their candles before their wedding day? 

I cover all of the UK as all conversations can be had over the phone and if packed properly the candles can travel safely. I’d always prefer to meet my couples in person but where that’s not possible, it’s not a problem. I can turn around personalised/bespoke scented candles in about a month if needed but generally I would advise that couples start conversations with me at least 3 months before the wedding so we’ve got time to properly try out the scents beforehand and avoid any last minute rush! 

What’s the best part of your job?   

The best part of my job is working with people at a very exciting time in their lives, when they’re planning their wedding. Engaged couples are fun, enthusiastic and so positive and excitable, and what better time to work with people! 


What’s next for By Laura London?

At this stage I’m not really sure about what’s next as such. I love where By Laura is going and specifically working with engaged couples to involve scent in their big day. Collaborations working with other small businesses and designer-makers to create something exciting is really fun and rewarding, so there are a few of these in the plans for the future so keep an eye on my social media pages to hear more about that soon!

Finally, we have to ask, what’s your favourite candle scent?

This one’s easy…my favourite scent is my Rosemary & Eucalyptus blend. I first made it for my wedding in December 2014 and the smell of it now still reminds me of our day. It’s been one of my signature scents since then, as it is really popular with lots of people for it’s warm and woody tones with a lovely fresh uplift. 


We want to thank Laura for her time and Kerrie LOVES her candles. 


If you would like to find out more about Laura’s work, visit We have our very own Kerrie’s Calm Lavender & Orange Blossom candle, a necessity whilst soaking in a bath full of bubbles, Bliss!!!

Twitter: @bylauralondon Instagram: @bylauralondon Facebook: @bylauralondon

James Sapphire