Wedding day transport

From classic cars to London route master buses, with so many modes of wedding day transport to choose from, where do you start to decide on which is best for your wedding day?


First of all, work out how far you will need to travel on your wedding day. Where will you be getting ready, how far is that from your ceremony venue? Are you having your reception at the same venue as your ceremony? If not, how far do you need to travel to the evening reception?


Secondly, where are you going to be travelling through between locations? Central London? Country lanes? The motorway?


And thirdly, how many people do you need to transport? Is it just yourself and the bridal party? Will your guests need transport to and from your venues or will there be parking facilities?


Once you have an idea of distance and numbers you can start planning your transport!

If you are travelling through Central London between venues, we recommend Route master buses. Not only are they fun, they will be able to use the bus lanes to get everyone to your venue quicker! Or if you are only travelling a short distance in London, the good old London Taxi is a winner!


The list is endless, from the classic Rolls Royce, or if you are marrying on a Golf Course, a Golf buggy is great fun! The choice is yours.


And if your venue is along the River Thames, you may even decide on a river boat! Which is exactly what one our 2017 couples have decided, and we can’t wait to photograph it!

James Sapphire